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My name is Ashan. I am an experienced cybersecurity and digital forensics consultant; with big 4 consulting firms experience. With my previous experience as a Digital Forensics Consultant, I have completed end to end mobile, cloud and computer forensics investigations.

In the meantime, for the past 4 years, I have worked as a freelance WordPress developer. Building websites for non-profits, startups and Universities. I have focused on WordPress Core Security, Custom Built Theme and enabling SEO engine optimization.

Other areas I can bring you my expertise are mentioned below


Areas of my expertise

As a freelancer below mentioned are the services that I can provide to you. 

Big Data Analytics

Throughout my experiences in the industry, I have used tools such as Tableau for Big data analytics. I have examined large amounts of log files, spreadsheets and CSV file to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights

Searching for documents, IP address, Ticket Requests and logs etc are hardest and time-consuming workloads I have encountered in large organizations. When I started exploring ELK stack, I understood how it’s beneficial for IT Governance industry and how easy it is to search for log events and visualized, presents data.  

Cloud Forensics

I believe, the digital forensics industry is moving towards the cloud. Since the evidence are more and more integrated into emails and data is stored in cloud storages. With the few technics that I have developed, I will be able to provide assistance in cloud forensics area. Such as in AWS and Azure.

Flyer and Logo Design

Needs a flyer for the event you are hosting or needs a logo for an organization you are starting? I am happy to assist you on your flyer, poster or logo needs. 

Web Development

Needs a secured website for your organization or personal website with SEO optimized. I will be able to assist you in designing, develop and submit your website to Google

Vulnerability Assessment

Needing assistance in conducting a vulnerability assessment in your web application, network vulnerability scan or even conduct a Network Forensics audit. I will be able to conduct a vulnerability assessment of your system.

Ashans' Portfolio

Below mentioned are my website design and flyer design portfolio as a freelancer. Most of the Websites are designed using a CMS with custom build themes. 

DevOps consulting work

Below mentioned are some of the websites and DevOps consulting work I have conducted past few months

Flyer designs

Mentioned below are some of the flyers I have developed 

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Ashan Don Gamage 

Email : ashan.gamage@thinkprofile.net

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